Professional Display Solutions

The professional display solutions market has broad room for growth, and the market size in 2024 will be 2.5 Times the current size.

Upanel1.9 & Upanel2.5, 170sqm, Sky TV Sport Studio

Broadcasting set design plays a key role in capturing viewers’ attention. Sky TV Sport Studio installed a total number of 170sqm of Upanel which operates at its lowest brightness mode while maintaining the highest image quality. The Program Director commented, “The Unilumin Upanel LED wall opens up a world of creative possibilities for shows and events that will use the Sky studio venue from this point forward. In the sports entertainment industry, producers and production designers are beginning to use our Unilumin LED walls to increase the quality of their storytelling and to augment the “physical” scenery that is traditionally used. This new LED wall places Sky Italia at the forefront of the new virtual scenery trend with outstanding clarity.”