Indoor LED Modules

MeGA’s indoor LED modules focus on high density models. Our product range included the pitch size from 1.25mm to 10mm. Our LED display is suitable to Shop Front, Cashier Backdrop, Presentation Monitor or Advertising media. Our high refresh rate LED screen ensures most perfect display effect for every important moment. Even your mobile phone is able to take wonderful picture from Our LED Screen’s content.

Outdoor LED Modules

MeGA’s Outdoor LED modules focus on high brightness models. We provide brightness from 5000CD/M² to 12000CD/M². Our product range included the pitch size from 3mm to 10mm. We successfully obtained BS476 and IP67 professional certification. MeGA Display’s LED Screen is serving many shopping malls, government information display facilities, football stadium, swimming pools, public beach and Advertising bill board all over Hong Kong.

Soft PCB LED Modules

MeGA’s Soft PCB LED Modules is totally new concept for LED Market. It can be bent in perfect round shape to create a LED Screen with prefect curve line. Our product range included the pitch size from 2mm to 10mm. It is specially designed for the join line of 2 LED Screen. Moreover, LED screen can now perfectly wrap up every ugly column inside the building. The entire column inside the building can now being one of the advertising display or lighting effect wall.

Transparent LED Modules

MeGA’s Transparent LED Screen is popular in the window display and shop front design. Our product range included the pitch size from P3.91mm to 10.4mm. This series of LED Screen provides a very high see through rate which ensure the viewers not only attracted by the advertising content but also will have the image of the shop or goods behind the window or glass. Since the weight of this product series is light. It is very easy to be installed.