Section G : After-Sales Services

  1. Yearly Based Warranty:

    We guarantee the quality of the workmanship and materials of its supply that will be used in this installation for a period of the guarantee year from the date of final inspection and acceptance of delivery goods. Should any defects caused by the quality or installation techniques, develop within said period, we shall provide repair service and supply replacement/repair parts without charge. However, it will cost extra if the defects of LED display are caused by artificial factor.

    Yearly Based Standard Charge :

    1st Year
    2nd Year
    3rd Year
    4th Year
    5th Year
    Free of Charge (Including All kind of working platform)
    5% of the total invoice amount (Minimum Charge = HKD$6,000)
    7% of the total invoice amount (Minimum Charge = HKD$6,000)
    8% of the total invoice amount (Minimum Charge = HKD$6,000)
    9% of the total invoice amount (Minimum Charge = HKD$6,000)
    Remarks : Very good Discount rate will be offered to the client for service prepayments.

    Maintenance Content
    • That maintenance is to ensure the existing LED Display function satisfactorily.
    • That the total LED Display maintenance cost should be paid at the commencement of the maintenance period.

    Services Standard
    • One year comprehensive maintenance (Including parts and labour )
    • From Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (Not including public holidays)
    • Response time is within 24 hours in working days
    • Emergency Call within 4 hours arrive the site = HKD$1,200
    • Emergency Call within 2 hours arrive the site = HKD$2,000
    • If more than 0.001% of dead spots rate or 10 dead spots (whichever is higher) to be found on the LED Display, the maintenance service will be arranged.
    • Exclude any working platform
    • Rental of Aluminum Working Platform = HKD$1,000 (within 3 meters height)
    • Form 5 Signature of Aluminum Working Platform = HKD$700
    • Rental of aerial platforms, truck mounted, cranes, forklift, crane trucks etc……= TBA
    • Setup & Dismantle of Scaffolding = TBA
    • Reset “auto On& Off timer” is not including in the maintenance contract, service charge is HKD$500.

    This extended warranty will be null and void if:
    • The product has been damaged under misuse, negligence, accident or natural disasters.
    • The product has been modified, altered and/or repaired by unauthorized persons.