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Section B : System Composition & Functional Characteristics

1.3 Brief Introduction of System Function

1.31) The operating system is Windows 10. The program page consists of one or more windows, which is used to show the contents that users want to play, like documents, pictures, cartoons, multimedia segments etc. There are twelve kinds of program: file window, text window, single line text window, static text window, table window, timer window, data base window, USB memory stickwindow, external software window, date/time window, video line-in window, and geometrical graph window.

1.32) All supported files will be played here. You can add as many files here as you want. There are more 10 kinds of supported files, including: Document files (TXT), HTM/HEML/MHT files, EXCEL files, WORD files (DOC/RTF), all kinds of picturefiles (BMP/JPG/GIF/PCX ect), all kinds of media files (MP4/MPEG/MPV/MPA/AVI/VCD/SWF/RM/RA/RMJ/ASFetc.).

1.33)Refresh frequency are adjustable from 10HZ to 3000HZ, and the refresh frequency and phase-lock function can make the display refresh locked at integral multiple of that of computer display, avoiding the image to been torn, and ensuring the image to be perfect. The phase-lock synchronous range is from 47HZ to 76HZ.

1.34)The A andB ports of the receiving card can be both used as input ports or output ports. Users can adapt two computers to control a display at the same time, when one is out of order, the other will replace it automatically; Users can also use one computer with double network cables to control a display, when one is out of order, the other will take place of it automatically, making the display work normally all time.

1.35) Supporting one sending card to control multi-display, and the multi-display can be willful combination, synchronous display, and independent play.

Notice: Thedisplay screen can be led to external signal sending card through USB-DVI cable if we use notebook computer.