Section A : Company Introduction

  1. General Introduction


MeGA LED emphasizes professionalism, quality, and post- sales services. This won us the support and confidence of our clients over the world. From early 2007, we shifted our focus of an OEM manufacturer, to market our products as a Hong Kong brand. Our Engineering Teams plan and build various LED application or lighting systems for our clients every day. Regardless of individual or organizational clients, we provide one-stop, all-rounded services from initial design to installation, fulfilling all your needs with high quality services at the lowest possible cost.

MeGA LED has experts from different background forming professional teams, to ensure up-to-date ideas. Stressing on research and development, we have the aspiration and ambition to be one of the pioneers of environmental lighting, actively serve our society with creative solutions.

We are pleased to provide professional consultation to any interested party, including lighting engineers, and we are disclosing our research reports periodically, hoping to contribute to the huge development of LED engineering.

  • Why choosing MeGA to be your LED Solution Provider?

    1. We got our spare parts warehouse, replacement parts are ready any time!
    2. Specific in LED Light Sources, we provide our clients with care and professional services!
    3. HK Based Engineers + Experience Project Manager lead to good project manage quality.
    4. MeGA’s authorized contractor got minimum 10 years experience.
    5. HK based technicians provide online and professional after sales services.