Section G : After-Sales Services

  1. Operation Training

    The training aims to train the professional system operators to master the system operation and deal with some basic faults, which in turn, will make sure that the LED display plays its proper role and profits can be obtained from customers’ investment. Thus, the two parties need to cooperate closely.

    It is suggested that the engineer in charge of debugging go through training in our company. The training content is as follows:

    • Basic working theory of the display
    • Operational program and management of the system
    • System security maintenance and notice
    • Installation of the system software
    • Maintenance of the display
    • Software basic faults solving
    • Hardware basic faults solving

    The trainees are appointed by the customer, and the training time is fixed through negotiation by both parties.
    The two parties need to cooperate very well to accomplish the training successfully, and the training result ought to be certified by customers’ written documents.
    We’ll provide essential written technical support while shipping goods if customers are not able to receive training in our company.

  2. Routine Maintenance

    1. Systems shall be run into operation for not less than half an hour every month when you lay up them.
    2. Spare parts provided by the maintenance centre shall be inspected once a quarter to keep them in a good condition, in case of an emergency.
    3. Malfunctioning spare parts shall be repaired in time.
    4. Computers equipped for operating system shall be used exclusively and shall not be used for any other purpose, which can keep computers away from virus.

  3. Technical Support

    In order to guarantee the smooth installation and use of LED display, we’ll provide the following written documents while delivering the goods: Software Instructions, Hardware Instructions, Maintenance Manual, and Installation Instructions.