Paperless Multimedia Congress System

MECX Series – MECXX17.3+
Multimedia Congress Terminal System


Speaking microphone ultra-thin round drawing IPS capacitive screen lifting and hiding system, outside the screen
Using high end aluminum alloy one step forming process, the final hole position of the back plate element screw supports full screen melt control. in
Embedded XSS paper conference system software under windows/Android
operating system, You can swipe, drag, zoom, modify, view meeting poses, etc.
Adopt Multi Touch
Point touch technology, any point can withstand more than 500,000 touches.


Screen size
15.6/17.3/18.5/21.5 (customizable)

Screen ratio
16 : 9

Support resolution
up to 4K/1920*1080 60Hz

Viewing angle
IPS retina HD screen, full viewing angle
Corrosion control technology: touch capacitive / mode 7 level, 10 point touch,
Jiong sensitivity <=2 ounces, when touch response time <= 3ms Panel button: with up, down, stop button, terminal host on/off button, VGA/HDMI slave switch button

Elevation angle function
Adopt a new swing to record the elevation angle of yttrium, 15 degrees / 30 degrees / 40 degrees elevation angle

Control mode
Support central control, remote control, panel button control, voice control, etc

Interface types
Tunyuan 1, VGA1, HDMl 1, RJ452 USB*2

Operating platform
windows /Android Flood communication method: wired

Central source demand
AC220V 50/60 Hz

Machine weight


Smart tablet computer paperless system, one scale experience form of paperless system. Conventional paperless equipment is generally embedded in the desk or hidden inside the desk. It looks beautiful but not enough to be lively. The tablet system happens to be inconvenient for you. Directly use the yuan line network, which is convenient for the immediate use of the temporary meeting. The paperless system of tablet computers has robbed the tablet as a carrier, replacing the traditional desktop and equipment, and replacing the printing of written materials with electronic reading and meeting documents, meeting the needs of green protection, convenient for upgrades, and real viewing The sustainable development of diversified sources and the integration of different formats realizes the optimal use of multimedia resources and greatly saves maintenance costs. Supporting the meeting and meeting various meeting notice sending requirements making the meeting more orderly and controllable, and fully experiencing the spirit of meeting collaboration. Convenient multi meeting rooms and multi meeting management functions have improved the efficiency of meeting managers, changed the traditional meeting Methods, and realized paperless ,networked, and informatized.

System Diagram

Technical Architecture

The flexibility to have all 3 tiers deployed on a single physical/VM server for simple setups.