Electronic Wireless Digital Name Card System


  • Wireless communication distance 30m
  • Wireless communication rate 50/250kbps
  • Custom two two-way communication protocol, safe and reliable
  • Data software and hardware verification
  • Low power consumption, regular continuous use for 3 3-5 years
  • Battery can be replaced
  • EPD dot matrix electronic paper, showing natural
  • Angle of view close to 180 180°
  • Working temperature: 0 0-50 degrees
  • Strong penetrating power, not afraid of obstaclesobstaclesdisplayed

Diversified Template Interface

The electronic conference table card system is a complete integrated system consisting of the electric conference table card, base station, management system, and 2.4G wireless communication protocol. Suitable for various meeting scenarios

Wireless AP:MX-500


  1. Cloud AP can directly supply power through POE;
  2. The network interface must support DHCP;
  3. There is no restriction on AP’s access to the external network;
  4. After power on, the power indicator (red light) will be on, and the second light (green) of the base station will operate normally;The third light (red light) is always on when the network is normal

Cloud AP connection method

  • Method 1: Use a network with POE power supply, and use a POE splitter to provide network and power supply to the AP
  • Method 2 To use a network without POE power supply, you need to add a 12V power supply to power the AP